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To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest…?

Any avid Pinterest followers out there? If you are like me, there are times I get sucked into scanning page after page. SO MANY great ideas. So little time! Do I want to be organized, well fed, productive…?
Recently, I saw this great idea by The Family Handyman that would help me get my bathroom cabinet full of cords and small hair appliances organized. This idea looked simple, inexpensive, and wouldn’t take me 3 weeks to complete. That’s right up my alley especially since my home in Austin, TX doesn’t have the best storage space.

hair appliance_2
All this project consists of is using PVC and adhesive Velcro- that’s it! Family Handyman advised buying a long piece of PVC and cutting it to the needed sized to hold the hair appliances. Instead of one long PVC pipe, I purchased PCV couplings in a couple of different sizes which worked nice. This way no cutting is necessary, and the edges are smooth. Each coupling was less than .50 cents, so it didn’t break the bank either. I used Velcro Command Strips by 3M to attached the couplings to the cabinet door so that when I want to remove them it will be easy. There are occasions that the coupling falls off the door, so maybe traditional Velcro strips with adhesive backing would work better. Since it’s not a cabinet door that gets opened every day, I haven’t worried about it. They hang fine unless one of the curling irons gets bumped or something.cabinet before

I would say this Pinterest organization hack was a success. Now I’m inspired to try more. (Sorry Honey! I know that you get roped into helping me with most of “my” projects!)

River Place Dad’s in the Hood 2019!

Here is the registration form for Dad’s in the Hood in River Place 2019.  The event is April 13th through 14th.  Register now using the form below. Late registration allowed including the day of the event.

–> Click Here to Download Dads in the Hood Registration 2019 <–

All details are on the forms

Click here to see ALL Current Listing for sale in River Place


Homestead Exemption Filing Time

Did you purchase a new home in 2015?  If so, it is time to file your Homestead Exemption if the new home is your primary residence so that you can save money on your property tax bill from Travis County.

The necessary form with the instructions are on my website.  This form needs to be notarized, so allow time to do that as well.  Make sure to mail it to Travis County before April 30th.

Did you actually purchase your home before 2015 but never filed for your Homestead Exemption?  You can have the exemption retro active for up to two years.

Other possible exemptions:

  • Disabled Person Exemption
  • 65 or older
  • Surviving Spouse of Individual who qualified for the 65 or older exemption
  • 100% Disabled Veteran

Click below for the form:

River Place Residents – How Annexation Effects Services (trash, parks, nature trail)

The River Place Municipal Utility District provided this helpful summary of why the City of Austin may not take over all of the services currently provided by the MUD:


Link to PDF of MUD letter to residents